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Watch Rob Gronkowski and the late Carl Weathers in FanDuel’s somber 2024 Super Bowl commercial


FanDuel revamped its Super Bowl commercial featuring Gronk and John Cena after Weathers died at age 76.

Carl Weathers in a 2024 Super Bowl ad for FanDuel. FanDuel

FanDuel aired a darker version of its 2024 Super Bowl commercial featuring Rob Gronkowski, John Cena and Carl Weathers, who died in January at the age of 76.

FanDuel once again enlisted the former Patriots tight end to try to score a field goal live in Las Vegas, this time before the game rather than at halftime.

The result was the same as in 2023, with Gronk taking the pregame kick – this time missing wide right instead of wide left.

During the second quarter of the Super Bowl, FanDuel aired a commercial that was reworked following Weathers’ death.

In teasers for the original spot, Gronk was coached for his kick attempt by Weathers, riffing on the late actor’s role in “Rocky.” Cena was also in the commercial, with the West Newbury native playing Gronkowski’s antagonist.

In the new commercial, FanDuel briefly showed Cena celebrating Gronk’s miss, then cut to a dark remembrance of Weathers.

“FanDuel was fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with [Weathers] during our Super Bowl campaign,” the company said in a statement ahead of the Big Game. “We are adjusting our campaign accordingly, out of respect for the family during this time of mourning. »

Watch Rob Gronkowski, Carl Weathers and John Cena in FanDuel’s 2024 Super Bowl Ad

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