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Watch Ben Affleck, Tom Brady, Matt Damon in this epic Dunkin’ Super Bowl commercial


These Boston legends made their city proud in this Dunkin’ commercial.

Tom Brady channeled his inner music producer in this hilarious Super Bowl commercial. Dunkin’/X

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A few familiar Boston faces stole the advertising spotlight on the world’s biggest stage during that Super Bowl commercial.

Boston legends Ben Affleck, Tom Brady and Matt Damon teamed up with Dunkin’ in an epic commercial showcasing their musical talents in front of Affleck’s singer-actress partner, Jennifer Lopez.

The commercial aired before the Super Bowl LVIII halftime show and featured the male trio performing as the musical group “DunKings” with some background dancers. Affleck was frontman alongside Brady as the group’s producer and Damon standing off to the side, slightly embarrassed, holding a Dunkin’ drink.

Everyone wore matching pink, orange and white Dunkin’ sets while standing under a “DunKings” banner in Dunkin’s classic font with images of donuts.

Ben Affleck showed off his dance moves wearing this impeccable Dunkin’ and Boston-themed ensemble. Dunkin’/X

“DunKings” is written on the chest of each jacket with a crown just below. In classic Boston fashion, various Red Sox logos are also visible from top to bottom on the outfits.

Affleck, who grew up in Falmouth, Massachusetts, and starred in several Boston-set films such as Goodwill Hunting And The city, appeared to accentuate his Boston accent throughout the commercial.

He entered the recording studio in front of Lopez, introducing himself and his band before giving Brady (or “Touchdown Tommy” as he referred to the former Patriots quarterback), the cue to start the music .

Affleck and his background dancers showed off their moves, including Brady shouting a “DunKings!” ” in unison with the rest of the group and brandishing his fist, while Damon and Lopez looked on almost in fear.

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon wear their Dunkin outfits.

Damon, a Cambridge, Massachusetts native, chimed in after the act, referencing Good Will Hunting with this phrase after Lopez was asked how she liked the performance:

“How do you like these… donuts?” I’m so sorry,” Damon said.

Brady, apparently pleased with the group’s performance, asked Lopez if the song would appear on his hypothetical album.

Lopez didn’t seem happy with what she saw, but she allowed Brady to stay after Affleck and Damon left the set.

According to the Dunkin’s X account, the DunKings drink, an iced coffee, is real and available for purchase starting Monday, February 12.

Watch Ben Affleck, Tom Brady and Matt Damon in the Dunkin’ Super Bowl 2024 ad

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