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Tiger Woods has a new apparel brand with TaylorMade. Here’s what it means

LOS ANGELES– Tiger Woods in a red shirt on Sunday has become as recognizable as a Masters champion in a green jacket. Only, this is no longer a Sunday redshirt for Woods.

This is a brand.

Five weeks after Woods and Nike announced the end of their relationship after 27 years, Woods, 48, said it was “the right time in my life” to develop his own brand as part of a expanded partnership with TaylorMade Golf.

The brand is called “Sun Day Red” and the men’s clothing – golf shirts, hoodies, outerwear – will be available online in the United States and Canada starting May 1. The plan is to expand its line to include shoes, as well as women’s and men’s shoes. kids clothing.

The logo is a tiger with 15 stripes, one for each of its majors. What if he won another major? “We’re going to have to redo the brand,” he said with that famous smile.

It was quite a spectacle Monday evening, more of an event than an announcement. David Abeles, CEO and president of TaylorMade Golf, was so excited about the new brand that he promised those in the packed room that they would remember in 10 or 20 years where they were during the launch from “Sun Day Red”.

Here are some details on why this deal is important for Woods and a bold step for TaylorMade, which until now has been primarily about golf equipment and its recent entry into the ball market.

Sportscaster Erin Andrews, who hosted Monday’s event, could have said it better when she introduced Woods by saying, “For the first time in 27 years, I’m wearing something different…”

As much as Woods was known for his red jersey on Sunday, he was also known as one of Nike’s best athletes. Nike signed him after he won his record third consecutive U.S. Amateur in the summer of 1996. “Hello, everyone,” Woods said the day he turned professional. Nike then launched an advertising campaign, and it was no coincidence.

But trouble was brewing. Woods returned to golf after his car accident in February 2021 and wore FootJoy shoes instead of the swoosh. He said it allowed him to be more stable. Nike said it would work with Woods to meet his needs. He still wore the FootJoy brand during his final tournament representing Nike.

TaylorMade or the new Sun Day Red brand do not yet offer golf shoes, although Abeles expects them to be developed shortly.

The German company Adidas previously owned TaylorMade, and all golf customers wore the shoe. But a year after Nike Golf got out of the equipment business, Adidas sold TaylorMade to a private investment firm. This allowed Woods to replace his golf equipment with TaylorMade, which ultimately marked the beginning of what led to this new brand.

Abeles and Woods described it as a premium active lifestyle brand. It’s as much performance on the golf course as it is comfort during your children’s soccer matches.

The rollout will be gradual, starting May 1 online in the United States and Canada, before expanding to key markets. The 15 stripe tiger is the logo, but it is not prevalent like the swoosh (Nike) or the alligator (Izod) or the polo rider (Ralph Lauren) on other brands.

The cap has the tiger on the front. Some shirts are plain, with the logo in a small square at the bottom of the buttons on a golf shirt. Some outerwear has capital letters “Sun Day Red” written on the side of the quarter zip.

“The logo is durable and applicable, but it is not unilaterally the same,” Abeles said. “We also think that when it comes to lifestyle, it’s nice to have tone-on-tone logos when you go out at night.”

Sunday red is obvious.

“Red Sunday is me,” Woods said. “It’s become synonymous to me.”

So why these three words? Abeles and Woods talked about the “rule of three,” where three words or phrases of the same length can leave a bigger impression. Woods, for example, likes to say that his goals in golf were: “Work hard, think hard, play hard.”

Abeles said “sun” can also mean preferred weather (missing at Pebble Beach). Day can also mean that golf is played every day of the week. Red is what Woods has long considered his power color, with advice from his mother.

There was no shortage of thought on this one.

Woods wore a cashmere hoodie during the announcement.

He will be in the new subjects at Riviera Country Club this week, where he will make his 2024 at the Genesis Invitational. Woods is the tournament host for the $20 million flagship event. There was a chance he would play Tuesday afternoon. He has the pro-am on Wednesday and the tournament starts on Thursday. As for Sunday red? He must first make the cut.


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