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This Colorado county received the most snow over the weekend

DENVER (KDVR) — A snowstorm hit the Front Range and metro Denver over the weekend, dumping several inches to more than a foot of snow in some areas.

The storm began Friday and lasted late into the evening Saturday.

The state didn’t see as much snow as it did between February 2 and 3, but there were still some big snow totals in some areas.

Weld County, namely Greeley, saw the heaviest totals in the Front Range, with over a foot of snowfall in some areas.

Jefferson County also saw a bit more snow than the rest of the metro area, with Golden reporting 8.8 inches.

The following areas received at least 8 inches of snow during the storm:

County Location Snowfall (in inches)
Solder Greley 13.5
El Paso 3 NW of the Black Forest 13.5
Solder 1 E Greley 12.4
Solder Evans 12
Solder 1 S Greley 11.7
Jefferson 1 NNW Genesee 10.8
Solder 2 W.S.W. Greeley 10.5
Solder 1 ENE Greeley 10.3
Solder 1 west-west of Greeley ten
Solder 4 W La Salle 9.5
El Paso 2 ENE Black Forest 9
Solder 1 E Milliken 9
Solder 1 W.S.W. Greeley 9
Solder 2 E Greley 9
Jefferson 1E Golden 8.8
Solder Eaton 8.8
El Paso 2 Monument NNE 8.5
Jefferson 2 golden SW 8.5
Solder 1W Evans 8.5
Solder 4 WSW Eaton 8.5
Solder 1 ENE Milliken 8
Solder 1 Garden city in the northwest of the northwest 8
Solder Platteville 8
Source: Iowa Environmental Mesonet at Iowa State University

Denver itself didn’t get as much snow as some areas, with 3.7 inches of snow falling over the two days.

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