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The best Super Bowl 2024 commercials


Readers of USA Today’s annual AdMeter article selected these 10 ads as the best Super Bowl ads of 2024.

Ben Affleck, Tom Brady and Matt Damon in a 2024 Super Bowl ad for Dunkin’ Donuts. Dunkin’

Super Bowl LVIII turned out to be a game to remember, with the Kansas City Chiefs earning an overtime victory over the San Francisco 49ers, 25-22. And for fans watching the halftime show or Super Bowl 2024 commercials, there was plenty to enjoy, too.

According to reader responses to USA Today’s annual Ad Meter contest, the best Super Bowl ads in 2024 were a mix of celebrity spokespeople and emotional punchlines. And for the second year in a row, Ben Affleck and Dunkin’ got a lot of attention.

The most popular Super Bowl ad in 2023 was Affleck’s Dunkin’ Super Bowl ad, which featured the Cambridge native working the drive-thru window at a Dunkin’ in Medford. This time, Affleck brought the star power with Matt Damon, Tom Brady, Jennifer Lopez and Fat Joe joining the party. But according to USA Today readers, the Dunkin’ 2024 ad was only the second-best Super Bowl 2024 ad.

Read below to find out which commercial beat Ben and his best friends.

The 10 Best Super Bowl Ads of 2024 (According to Ad Meter):

10. Doritos Dinamita: “Dina & Mita” (5.84 out of 10)

Jenna Ortega, who has starred in scary projects like “Scream VI” and “Wednesday,” was at the heart of Doritos’ horror-tinged Super Bowl 2024 commercial, which also stars the “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” Danny Ramirez.

9. Verizon: “Can’t B Broken” (5.91 out of 10)

No one was going to overshadow Usher after his incredible halftime performance. But Beyoncé came close in her Verizon commercial, during which she announced a new country album and released two new songs, alongside “Arrested Development” actor Tony Hale.

8. Budweiser: “Old-Fashioned Delivery” (6.08 out of 10)

Budweiser opted for an “old school” approach for its 2024 Super Bowl ad, bringing back its iconic Clydesdales and pairing them with a Labrador Retriever.

7. BMW: “Talk like Walken” (6.1 out of 10)

After a long absence, automaker BMW was back for the big game, airing a 2024 Super Bowl commercial featuring actor Christopher Walken and a number of people imitating his distinctive speaking style.

6. Dove: “Hard Knocks” (6.18 out of 10)

Dove’s commercial for the 2024 Super Bowl began in a seemingly fanciful way, showing young girls having accidents playing sports to the tune of “It’s the Hard Knock Life.” But the advert featured a girl looking embarrassed at herself in the mirror. The message: Low body confidence leads girls to quit sports, not mishaps.

5. NFL: “Born to play” (6.23 out of 10)

In what has become a recent tradition, the NFL aired its commercial for the big game in the main slot immediately after Usher’s Super Bowl halftime show. Highlighting the NFL’s attempt to expand football in international markets, the ad featured Saquon Barkley, Justin Jefferson and Cameron Jordan roaming an open market in Accra, Ghana.

4. Uber Eats: “to remember” (6.26 out of 10)

When someone told Jennifer Aniston that they didn’t know you could order a wide variety of products on Uber Eats, Aniston replied, “To remember something, you have to forget something else.” » This causes a wave of forgetting: David and Victoria Beckham forget that Victoria Beckham was Posh Spice, and Jennifer Aniston forgets that she starred in “Friends” with David Schwimmer.

Interestingly, the ad Uber Eats released on YouTube is slightly different from the one it aired during the Super Bowl, omitting a joke about peanut allergies following online complaints.

3. Kia: “Perfect 10” (6.36 out of 10)

KIA went for emotional impact with its 2024 Super Bowl ad, showing how its EV9 electric vehicle helps a young figure skater and her grandfather stay connected.

2. Dunkin’: “The DunKings” (6.52 out of 10)

Arguably the best Super Bowl 2024 commercial in our unbiased opinion, USA Today readers placed only Dunkin’s Super Bowl commercial second on their list. The ad charts Affleck’s efforts to become a popstar with his supergroup “The DunKings,” alongside Matt Damon and Tom Brady. Affleck’s wife, Jennifer Lopez, remained unimpressed.

1. State Farm: “Like a good neighbor” (6.68 out of 10)

State Farm’s 2024 Super Bowl ad was an homage to an action movie trailer, teasing Arnold Schwarzenegger as the star of “Agent State Farm.” In a problem familiar to some Bostonians, Ahnold struggles to pronounce his R’s, ruining take after take while reading the insurance company slogan “Like a Good Neighbor.” The commercial also reunited Schwarzenegger with his “Twins” co-star Danny DeVito.

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