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Super Bowl winners throughout history: Full list from 2023 all the way back to the first in 1967

The 2024 super bowl begins Sunday evening, with the Kansas City Chiefs take on the San Francisco 49ers to see who will be crowned NFL champion for the 2023 season.

Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce and the Chiefs are looking for their fourth Super Bowl victory in franchise history and their third win in the last five years. The 49ers are looking to add a sixth Lombardi Trophy to their collection, which would allow the franchise to overtake the Dallas Cowboys and tie them with the Patriots and Steelers for most of all time.

Below is a list of every Super Bowl winner in history.

Note: All Super Bowls featured in this article are ranked by the year in which the game itself was played, not the season in which the title was won.

Who won the 2023 Super Bowl last year?

THE The Kansas City Chiefs won their third Super Bowl in franchise history in 2023. It was the second Super Bowl victory for Mahomes, who has led his team to at least the AFC Championship Game in the six years he has been quarterback. starting fullback.

Super Bowl 57 began with an Eagles first touchdown to give them a 7-0 lead. The Chiefs responded with a touchdown of their own, tying the game at 7 on an 18-yard reception by Kelce. Both offenses failed on their next drives, but the Eagles took a 14-7 lead on the first play of the second quarter, a 45-yard pass from Jalen Hurts to AJ Brown.

Super Bowl LVII – Kansas City Chiefs vs. Philadelphia Eagles
Travis Kelce #87 of the Kansas City Chiefs catches a touchdown pass against the Philadelphia Eagles during the first half of Super Bowl LVII at State Farm Stadium on February 12, 2023 in Glendale, Arizona.

Focus on sport / Getty Images

The Chiefs offense didn’t respond, but Kanas City tied the game when linebacker Nick Bolton recovered a Hurts fumble and returned it 36 ​​yards for a touchdown. The Eagles drove down the field on their next possession and finished the drive with a Hurts touchdown run to go up by 7. Kansas City was again unable to score points on their next drive, and the Eagles scored a basket from just before halftime to make the lead 24-14.

The Chiefs cut the lead to three with a touchdown on the first drive of the second half, and the Eagles then responded with a time-consuming field goal to make it 27-21 heading into the fourth quarter.

Kansas City then took the lead for the first time with 12:04 left in the fourth quarter on a 5-yard touchdown pass from Mahomes to Kadarius Toney. The Eagles went three-and-out on their next drive and a 65-yard punt return by Toney gave the Chiefs excellent field position at the Eagles 5-yard line. The Chiefs cashed in three plays later with another touchdown pass to expand the lead to eight.

But the Eagles came back strong, scoring a touchdown on their next drive and completing a two-point conversion to tie the game at 35 with just over five minutes left. The Chiefs moved downfield on their next possession and were on the 15-yard line when the two-minute warning sounded.

On 3rd-and-8, with 1:54 left, Mahomes threw an incomplete pass, making it look like Kansas City would have to settle for a field goal attempt that would give the Eagles enough time to tie or take the lead. But the defensive holding was called upon by the Eagles’ James Bradberry, giving the Chiefs five extra yards and, most importantly, an automatic first down.

That first down allowed the Chiefs to run down the clock and score a field goal to go up 38-35 with just eight seconds left.

Hurts threw a final Hail Mary on the Eagles’ next and final drive, which landed incomplete and ended the game.

Who won the last 10 Super Bowls?

  • 2023: Kansas City Chiefs — The Chiefs beat the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35 after a back-breaking defensive stop on the Eagles in the fourth quarter allowed the Chiefs to score the game-winning field goal with just eight seconds left.
  • 2022: Los Angeles Rams — The Rams beat the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20, giving quarterback Matthew Stafford a Super Bowl victory after never winning a playoff game in his previous 12 seasons with the Detroit Lions.
  • 2021: Tampa Bay Buccaneers — The Buccaneers dominated the Kansas City Chiefs in a 31-9 victory, with Tom Brady, in his first season after leaving the New England Patriots, winning his seventh Super Bowl.
  • 2020: Kansas City Chiefs — The Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers 31-20 for quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ first Super Bowl victory, scoring 21 unanswered points in the fourth quarter after trailing by 10 in the third.
  • 2019: New England Patriots — The Patriots triumphed over the Los Angeles Rams 13-3 in what is generally considered one of the worst Super Bowls ever played. This was Tom Brady’s last Super Bowl with the Patriots.
  • 2018: Philadelphia Eagles — The Eagles used a now-iconic trick to beat the New England Patriots 41-33 for the franchise’s first and so far only Super Bowl victory.
  • 2017: New England Patriots — The Patriots pulled off one of the most improbable and shocking comebacks in NFL history, erasing a 28-3 deficit against the Atlanta Falcons to come away with a 34-28 overtime victory.
  • 2016: Denver Broncos — The Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers 24-10, giving quarterback Peyton Manning his second Super Bowl victory in what turned out to be the final game of his career.
  • 2015 : New England Patriots — The Seattle Seahawks appeared to be on the verge of what would have been a second straight Super Bowl victory, but with the team giving up a running play from the one-yard line, quarterback Russell Wilson was eliminated in the final seconds of the match. game to preserve the Patriots’ 28-24 lead.
  • 2014 : Seattle Seahawks — The Seahawks dismantled the Denver Broncos in a 43-8 drubbing, scoring a safety on the very first play of the game and going up 36-0 before Denver’s first and only score.

Complete list of all past Super Bowl winners by year

  • 1967: Green Bay Packers def. Kansas City Chiefs 35-10
  • 1968: Green Bay Packers def. Oakland Raiders 33-14
  • 1969: New York Jets def. Baltimore Colts 16-7 — This was the first championship game to be officially called a Super Bowl
  • 1970: Kansas City Chiefs def. Minnesota Vikings 23-7
  • 1971: Baltimore Colts def. Dallas Cowboys 16-13 — This was the first Super Bowl after the AFL and NFL merged into one league.
  • 1972: Dallas Cowboys def. Miami Dolphins 24-3
  • 1973: Miami Dolphins def. Washington 14-7 — This ends the only undefeated season in NFL history.
  • 1974: Miami Dolphins def. Minnesota Vikings 24-7
  • 1975: Pittsburgh Steelers def. Minnesota Vikings 16-6
  • 1976: Pittsburgh Steelers def. Dallas Cowboys 21-17 — Scenes from the 1977 thriller “Black Sunday” were filmed during pregame and near the end of the game itself.
  • 1977: Oakland Raiders def. Minnesota Vikings 32-14
  • 1978: Dallas Cowboys def. Denver Broncos 27-10
  • 1979: Pittsburgh Steelers def. Dallas Cowboys 35-31
  • 1980: Pittsburgh Steelers def. Los Angeles Rams 31-19
  • nineteen eighty one : Oakland Raiders def. Philadelphia Eagles 27-10
  • 1982: San Francisco 49ers def. Cincinnati Bengals 26-21
  • 1983: Washington def. Miami Dolphins 27-17
  • 1984: Los Angeles Raiders def. Washington 38-9
  • 1985: San Francisco 49ers def. Miami Dolphins 38-16
  • 1986: Chicago Bear def. New England Patriots 46-10
  • 1987: New York Giants def. Denver Broncos 39-20
  • 1988: Washington def. Denver Broncos 42-10
  • 1989: San Francisco 49ers def. Cincinnati Bengals 20-16
  • 1990 : San Francisco 49ers def. Denver Broncos 55-10
  • 1991: New York Giants def. Buffalo Bills 20-19
  • 1992: Washington def. Buffalo Bills 37-24
  • 1993: Dallas Cowboys def. Buffalo Bills 52-17
  • 1994: Dallas Cowboys def. Buffalo Bills 30-13
  • 1995: San Francisco 49ers def. San Diego Chargers 49-26
  • 1996: Dallas Cowboys def. Pittsburgh Steelers 27-17
  • 1997 : Green Bay Packers def. New England Patriots 35-21
  • 1998: Denver Broncos def. Green Bay Packers 31-24
  • 1999: Denver Broncos def. Atlanta Falcons 34-19
  • 2000: St. Louis Rams def. Tennessee Titans 23-16
  • 2001: Baltimore Ravens def. New York Giants 34-7
  • 2002: New England Patriots def. St. Louis Rams 20-17
  • 2003: Tampa Bay Buccaneers def. Oakland Raiders 48-21
  • 2004 : New England Patriots def. Carolina Panthers 32-29
  • 2005: New England Patriots def. Philadelphia Eagles 24-21
  • 2006: Pittsburgh Steelers def. Seattle Seahawks 21-10
  • 2007: Indianapolis Colts def. Chicago Bears 29-17
  • 2008: New York Giants def. New England Patriots 17-14
  • 2009: Pittsburgh Steelers def. Arizona Cardinals 27-23
  • 2010: New Orleans Saints def. Indianapolis Colts 31-17
  • 2011: Green Bay Packers def. Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25
  • 2012: New York Giants def. New England Patriots 21-17
  • 2013: Baltimore Ravens def. San Francisco 49ers 34-31
  • 2014 : Seattle Seahawks def. Denver Broncos 43-8
  • 2015 : New England Patriots def. Seattle Seahawks 28-24
  • 2016: Denver Broncos def. Carolina Panthers 24-10
  • 2017: New England Patriots def. Atlanta Falcons 34-28
  • 2018: Philadelphia Eagles def. New England Patriots 41-33
  • 2019: New England Patriots def. Los Angeles Rams 13-3
  • 2020: Kansas City Chiefs def. San Francisco 49ers 31-20
  • 2021: Tampa Bay Buccaneers def. Kansas City Chiefs 31-9
  • 2022: Los Angeles Rams def. Cincinnati Bengals 23-20
  • 2023: Kansas City Chiefs def. Philadelphia Eagles 38-35

This story has been updated to correct a reference to the Kansas City Chiefs’ record; 2023 was their third Super Bowl victory.

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