Friday, February 23, 2024

Patrick Mahomes Already Busy Working On Upgrading Family

LAS VEGAS — Set to rebuild immediately after his dramatic victory in Super Bowl LVIII, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes told reporters during a news conference Monday that he’s already working hard to improve your own family. “Look, I’m proud of what we did on the field last night, but I also saw some serious weaknesses every time I looked at my wife and my brother in the box,” said Mahomes, who added that he had already started looking for a better sibling who could give him the unwavering support he needed to succeed. “I really need a woman who tries hard, someone who hustles and can’t lose – and unfortunately, I’m not seeing that right now. I hate to say it, but we won last night despite my family, not because of them. If we add a few stronger pieces, this family could excel. Mahomes added that he has already accepted that he will have to spend big in the offseason to make these changes happen.

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