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NYC issues public health advisory about social media, designates it an

Harvard study estimates that social networks make billions of dollars from children

Harvard study estimates that social networks make billions of dollars from children


NEW YORK – New York City issues health advisory regarding social networks because of its impact on children. The city calls social media an “environmental health toxin.”

Mayor Eric Adams made the announcement during his annual meeting Address on the state of the city.

Mayor Eric Adams’ 2024 State of the City Address


“We must also protect our students from online dangers, including the growing dangers presented by social media. Companies like TikTok, YouTube and Facebook are fueling a mental health crisis by designing their platform with addictive and dangerous features. We We cannot stand idly by and “Let big tech monetize our children’s privacy and endanger their mental health. “That’s why today Dr. Ashwin Vasan is releasing a Health Commissioner Advisory officially designating social media as a public health crisis risk in New York,” Adams said.

Adams said New York was the first major city in the country to make the declaration.

“Just like the surgeon general did with tobacco and guns, we are treating social media like other public health risks, and it must stop. We must ensure that technology companies take responsibility for their products,” Adams said.

Adams said more details about the notice and its implications would be revealed soon.

“We are going to correct this crisis that our children are facing,” he said.

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