Thursday, February 29, 2024

Nikki Haley Loses Nevada Primary To ‘I’m Trans And You Can Take My Guns’ Option

LAS VEGAS — A blow to presidential candidate Nikki Haley’s already beleaguered campaign on Tuesday lost Nevada’s Republican primary to the “I’m trans and you can take my guns” alternative, according to the final tally votes. “It’s a major upset for Haley that almost 63 percent of conservative voters voted for the phrase ‘I’m trans and you can take my guns,'” said political analyst Shawn Benninghoff, who noted that the defeat against the nine-pro-trans, anti-gun statement was a particularly resounding defeat given that the Republican Party’s leading candidate, Donald Trump, did not even participate in the state’s primary. “What should really raise questions about the viability of this campaign is that it was also preempted by the sign-up options of ‘I like Hunter Biden’ and ‘I’m a pedophile and I like to drink adrenochrome. At this point, you really have to wonder who this presidential race is for.” At press time, the Haley campaign reportedly attempted to contact “I’m Trans and You Can Take My Guns” to ask if she was willing to be his running mate.

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