Thursday, February 29, 2024

Matt Damon Stars In Super Bowl Commercial Promoting Paper Money

NEW YORK — Appearing in a 60-second spot in which he extolled the benefit of playing it safe and held up a new $100 bill, actor Matt Damon starred in a Super Bowl commercial Sunday promoting paper- cash. “Fortune favors anyone who gets their hands on some cold, hard American currency,” said Damon, who is seen placing large wads of cash in a shoebox under his bed in the freezer in his kitchen and in a hole he dug in his garden. “When shit hits the fan, you don’t want to be forced to try to remember your password so you can access funds from a half-baked investment program you’ve invested all your money in. History is full of people who lost their savings this way. And yet others recognize that cash is king. Which one are you?” At press time, Damon’s ad was slammed by critics who advocate hoarding gold bars under their living room floors.

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