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Man arrested in Canada after bodies of 3 children found burned in car, 2 women found dead in different locations

A 29-year-old man was arrested in Canada on Sunday after the bodies of three children were burned in a car, and two women were found dead in different locations, police said.

“It is believed that the detained adult male and the five deceased individuals knew each other,” the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said. declaration called.

The events took place Sunday morning near the small town of Carman, home to 2,800 people, in the central province of Manitoba.

The body of a woman was first found along a road on Sunday morning.

A few hours later, the burning vehicle with the three children, who died instantly, was found.

Investigators discovered the body of a second woman in a home a short time later, according to the release.

“As a parent, I just can’t imagine the enormity of your loss,” Inspector Tim Arseneault of the RCMP’s major crimes unit said at a news conference Sunday, according to the CBC. “The community of Carman and surrounding areas will also be grieving because they lost some of their youngest residents in such a tragic way.”

Manitoba Premier Wab Kinew sent his condolences in a message job on social networks.

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