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Listen To This 2JZ-Swapped Toyota GR86 Scream On The Dyno

There’s a lot of love for the Toyota GR86 and its agile nature. As for complaints, there’s the finicky oil problem that sometimes turns the stock Subaru flat-four into a brick. But even with all that buzz, we could always use a little more power. Do you know what has the most power? A boosted 2JZ. But it’s not the 3.0-liter six-pot you know. It’s a stroked 3.4L, and it sounds awesome on the dyno.

This is clear in this short video from 144.Printhouse & Racestudio on YouTube. It’s the latest in a year-long build that transformed a factory GR86 Premium into a 900-horsepower drift car. But it does not yet have 900 hp, the crew still being in the development phase. It doesn’t matter, because the preliminary test is very promising.

The dyno session begins with some quick fixes, when a coolant leak has appeared. There’s also an issue with the water and fuel pumps shutting off once the car heats up, the latter of which ultimately prevented a second dyno draw. But with the car plugged in for a basic pass, the modified GR86 develops 440 hp and 394 pound-feet of torque. Keep in mind that these are power outputs to the rear wheels. At the crankshaft level, this 2J should produce more than 520 hp, taking into account a 15 percent transmission loss.

We know some of you might not be impressed by that number, but before you send that spicy comment you’re typing, know this. You are witnessing the first dyno session of this engine, which is essentially untuned at this point. It’s a single-turbo mill built for racing and currently running at seven pounds of power. There is no timing set yet and the pull ended at around 6,500 rpm. In other words, this engine has a plot there is still more to give. And we think a follow-up video will show just that.

In the meantime, sit back and turn up the volume on your speakers. Few things in life sound as good as a well-built 2JZ. This BRZ should be an absolute monster when it hits the track.

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