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In some Italian cities, even fast cars can no longer go fast – Autoblog

There are so many things to love about Italy: spaghetti carbonara, Ferraris, Tiramisu, Michelangelo, high speed limits….


About those speed limits.

In Bologna, a city with enormous character and exceptional cuisine, municipal authorities last month imposed a speed limit in the city of 30 kilometers per hour – about 20 mph – to make it safer and “more livable”.

Critics of the measure are not content.

According to a recent article in The New York Timesmotorists say Bologna is “slowing to a halt since becoming the first major Italian city” to join a growing group of European municipalities that in recent years have halved speed limits.

The new rules, in force in Paris, Brussels, Copenhagen and other cities in Spain, mark an effort to reduce pollution, reduce energy consumption and discourage car use.

As reported by TimesBologna Mayor Matteo Lepore included the new speed limit among the campaign promises that helped him get elected in 2021. Referring to the lower limit, he said: “Driving at 30 is part of a vision of a more democratic and more sustainable world. use of public space”, where neighborhoods prioritize children and the elderly, and where investments favor cycle paths and public transport to work towards carbon neutrality.

To add fuel to the fire, Bologna is the capital of a region that is home to Ferrari, Lamborghini and Pagani.

The action in Italy sparked protests and petitions from some commuters saying their daily journeys to and from the city were significantly longer.

And recently, the Times According to reports, one rally drew dozens of grumpy citizens and taxi drivers into the streets, where they rode at a snail’s pace in a makeshift parade, honking loudly and snarling through traffic. The new speed limit “is impossible” to respect, said Giorgio Gorza, who leads a citizens’ group. “It’s like standing still, and no one drives if you want to stand still, if it takes longer than walking. It’s illogical.

In 2021, according to the story, Olbia, Sardinia, became the first Italian city to set a broad limit of 30 kilometers per hour. Many motorists were unhappy, but the city’s mayor, Settimo Nizzi, responded that it was “right for a mayor to think about the quality of life of his citizens.”

In central London, where traffic is often horrendous and a congestion charge is in place, the city has reported a 25 percent reduction in the number of collisions and a 25 percent drop in serious injuries and deaths since It reduced the speed limit to 20 mph from 30 mph in 2020.

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