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Here’s how to get Ben Affleck’s Dunkin’ swag from Sunday’s Super Bowl ad


You can eat, drink and even look like the “DunKings,” the all-star tracksuit musical trio of Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Tom Brady.

Following the release of a Dunkin’ Super Bowl commercial featuring Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Tom Brady as the musical group “DunKings,” the company announced Monday that merchandise would be available. Courtesy of Dunkin’

Fans of the newly formed trio the “DunKings” – that’s Boston legends Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Tom Brady, for those who haven’t seen the Super Bowl commercial – can drink like them too and dress like them.

Starting Monday at noon, Dunkin’ is offering a drink named after the musical group, “DunKings” iced coffee.

The drink was revealed at the end of the commercial, after the group performed their one (and probably only) hit “Don’t Dunk Away at My Heart” in the studio where Affleck’s real-life wife worked pop star Jennifer Lopez. Mortified, Lopez kicks out the Academy Award-winning Massachusetts natives, allowing only former Patriots quarterback Brady to stay.

“Relax, they’re naming a drink after us,” Affleck tells an embarrassed Damon.

It’s apparently Affleck’s favorite drink at the coffee chain, according to a press release, and includes a vanilla flavor with cream, topped with Sweet Cold Foam and cinnamon sugar.

Customers can also order DunKings MUNCHKINS skewers, which are just the Dunkin donut holes placed on a skewer.

But if eating and drinking like the star trio isn’t enough for DunKings’ most loyal fans, these neon orange and pink tracksuits could be yours. In the press release, Dunkin’ said the tracksuits — which have Boston written in large letters on the front and back — and the fuzzy pink bucket hats will be available for purchase at noon Monday.

The tracksuit retails in two pieces, a jacket for $60 and pants for $60. The bucket hat costs $40, as does the tumbler.

Other products include 40 ounce stainless steel tumblers. The product will go live and is available “while supplies last”.

Update: The tracksuit pants and jacket, as well as the fluffy bucket hat, sold out in 19 minutes, according to a Dunkin spokesperson, who added that it was “the fastest-selling collection in Dunkin’ history.” Dunkin’.

The spokesperson also said the team is working on restocking the clearly popular DunKings products, although they don’t yet know when those items will be available for purchase again.

In the meantime, the cups are still in stock.

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