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France’s Toyota GR Yaris Emissions Tax Doubles Price, Costs $100,000

It’s getting harder and harder to afford fun cars in Europe. Not only have car manufacturers increased their prices in recent years, but governments have also implemented huge taxes based on the amount of CO.2 emissions released by the vehicle. In 2024, a Honda Civic Type R costs a whopping €88,560 in the Netherlands. France is no exception and the Toyota GR Yaris is a brutal example.

The math starts at €46,300 for the updated hot hatch with the six-speed manual gearbox. It’s not really affordable to begin with, is it? Well, that’s not the main problem. Customers will effectively pay double that price to park the three-cylinder pocket rocket in their garage. For what? Because this 1.6-liter turbocharged gasoline engine emits 190 grams/kilometer according to the WLTP standard. As noted Caradisiacthe CO2 the tax is €45,990, the amount requested by Toyota for the car.

Those still interested in purchasing the rally supermini will have to shell out €92,290. At current exchange rates, that equates to just under $100,000. It’s even worse for the automatic model. Toyota France offers the eight-speed GR Yaris listed at €48,800. Because CO2 Emissions are even higher if you forgo the clutch pedal, at 210g/km, the extra tax rises to a ridiculous €60,000. This brings the final price to €108,800 (around $117,300).

Toyota France is relatively optimistic about the popularity of the GR Yaris since it has reserved 300 cars for the local market.

It should be noted that this tax linked to emissions in France has exploded in 2024 compared to previous years. The penalty of €45,990 for the GR Yaris with manual transmission in 2024 was “only” €14,881 in 2023 and €12,012 in 2022. Likewise, the tax of €60,000 for the automatic model this year was €31,063 in 2023 and €26,247 in 2022.

In France, people who buy cars emitting up to 117 g/km do not have to pay additional tax. It starts at 118 g/km with a supplement of €50 and then goes up to €60,000 for CO vehicles.2 emissions of 194 g/km or more. You can view all tax rates here.

Toyota GR86
Toyota Supra 2.0

As for Toyota’s other fun cars, you better sit down. The tax on the GR86 is a maximum of €60,000, whether you buy the manual model at €33,900 or the automatic model at €35,700 since emissions are above 194 g/km. This increases the final price to €93,900 for the first and €95,700 for the second. Yes, the tax is almost double the asking price of the car.

The Supra 2.0’s emissions tax comes to €4,543, so instead of costing €53,600 you end up paying €58,143. The beefier six-cylinder model starts at €65,600, plus €28,413 tax, or €94,013.

These higher taxes in European Union countries are a driving factor in the downsizing trend. This is also why automakers have aggressive electrification plans. The EU plans to ban the sale of new emissions-producing cars from 2035, unless that plan changes as Porsche Chief Financial Officer Lutz Meschke recently suggested.

The GR Yaris isn’t sold in the US, where we suspect it would be much cheaper. Not only because there is no similar tax on emissions, but also because Europeans pay a value added tax (VAT), which amounts to 20% in France. Logic tells us that the GR Yaris would cost less than the GR Corolla, at $36,500. Now if only Toyota could bring it here since fewer and fewer Europeans can afford it…

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