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Every Super Bowl LVIII Car Commercial: Watch them all here

Super Bowl LVIII is over, and now that the Chiefs are Super Bowl champions once again, let’s turn our collective attention to the car commercials that aired during the Big Game. A number of manufacturers bought airtime during the Super Bowl, but anyone watching will tell you there certainly wasn’t a barrage of auto-related ads like we saw these last years. However, some really interesting new cars have taken center stage, including electric vehicles. We’ve seen Kia highlight the EV9, VW highlight the ID.Buzz and BMW introduce its electric 5 Series.

So, without further ado, scroll down to find all the Super Bowl auto ads compiled into one handy list for your viewing pleasure.

BMW: I speak like Walken

The BMW i5 and regular gasoline 5 Series are the stars of this BMW commercial that features Christopher Walken and various other characters making fun of the way Walken delivers his lines. It’s fun, and it offers plenty of great looks at the sleek new 5 Series that we’ve enjoyed driving so far.

Kia: Perfect 10

Kia’s ad for this year’s Super Bowl is all about the EV9…and figure skating. The ad shows off the EV9’s winter driving capabilities before showcasing its vehicle-charging capabilities by powering all the lights and sounds around a pond skating rink for the owner’s daughter to perform her routine figure skating for his grandfather who was not able to do it. participate in his competition.

Toyota: bold handle

We’ve covered this ad before, but we’ll note it one more time in this roundup. It’s a short 30-second spot that showcases its off-road capabilities in a number of fun clips. This one isn’t too deep, but it’s entertaining and you can see the new Taco kicking up some dirt.

Volkswagen: an American love story

VW digs into its past for this ad and gives us a brief recap of the company’s history of selling cars in the United States. We start with the original Bug and work our way up to the new ID.Buzz which will launch later this year here in America. . Lots of VWs appear on screen throughout this one, so keep a close eye out to catch them all.

Kawasaki Ridge: mules

This one was a surprise and frankly one of the most delicious of the entire Super Bowl all night long. The “business in the front, party in the back” mullet is hilarious applied to the various actors and animals in the commercial, and it’s just fun to watch the Ridge UTV fly through the wilderness. Kawasaki definitely wins for the surprise of the evening.

Honorable Mention: Bud Light – DeLorean Stretch Limousine

Bud Light’s commercial this year featured a magical genie who granted wishes, and someone just happened to wish for a sports car. A DeLorean is certainly far from the top of a logical sports car wish list, but that’s what genius granted. And not only did he tune it, but the genius stretched the DeLorean to the length of a limousine. The group of people spend their evening riding around in this absurd vehicle, and it’s definitely a sight you have to see.

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