Thursday, February 29, 2024

Dunkin’ Unveils Sad New Half-Strip Of Turkey Bacon On Cracker

CANTON, MA — Boasting reasonable prices starting at $1.99, Dunkin’ this week unveiled a new breakfast menu featuring a sad half-strip of bacon on a cracker. “With only 30 calories and over a gram of protein, Dunkin’s all-new Open-Faced Turkey Cracker Breakfast Sandwich is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to indulge, but panics when they read the value “nutritious cream cheese,” said Dunkin’ spokesperson Clarisse James, who explained that the new offering can be customized by choosing a soda, water or multigrain cracker for the base, and substituting turkey bacon with a piece of gray egg. “While even an egg and cheese on a bagel has 460 calories, the open-faced turkey cracker breakfast sandwich is right there. Is a cracker with a piece of meat on it technically a breakfast sandwich? No, but it’s not a ‘Wake-Up Wrap’ either. Stop by Dunkin’ and grab the new Turkey Cracker today. James added that the menu item was also a great deal for customers too impatient to eat more than a bite or two.

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