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Chrysler Halcyon EV concept: Previewing a four-door future? – Autoblog

The era of the Chrysler Airflow EV concept is over; Long live the Chrysler Halcyon EV concept. This one is prettier and more self-contained, so they’ll probably never build it, but at least it gives us hope that someone in Stellantis design is still hung up on low-slung automobiles – and that’s why we’re still clinging to Chrysler. .

If you squint and tilt your head a little, you might see traces of last year’s Peugeot Inception concept hiding there. We wouldn’t be surprised if this were at least partially true, but Chrysler’s Halcyon takes the Peugeot’s wildness even further. The Peugeot’s suicide doors may be cool, but the Halcyon combines them with Gullwing-style appendages. Hey, sedans have four doors; technically this thing has six.

Like the Cadillac InnerSpace and Lincoln L100, the Chrysler Halcyon is more fantastical than just futuristic. This concept is less automobile than autono-pod, with an emphasis on “autono”. Fortunately, it lacks Peugeot’s odd video game controller, namely a steering wheel, but that doesn’t mean you’ll find anything you might want to engage with in this cabin. It is meant to be ridden, not driven; in fact, Chrysler’s introductory video even featured a woman with her feet on the dashboard, so presumably it’s both impervious to frontal collisions and made from antimicrobial materials.

Arguing about the physical properties of vaporware is pointless no matter what, so we’ll focus on the broader message: Chrysler wants to do more tech showcases (are you alone, Pacifica PHEV?) and hasn’t completely given up the concept of sedans. We’re OK with both, but ideally in separate packages. We certainly wouldn’t mind seeing the resurrected 300 as something that could go toe-to-toe with the Genesis Electrified G80. We can dream, right?

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