Thursday, February 29, 2024

Chiefs Walk 6 Miles To Game After Bus Driver Refuses To Pay $125 For Stadium Parking

LAS VEGAS — Panicked that their entire team might miss the Super Bowl kickoff, the Kansas City Chiefs reportedly had to walk six miles to the game Sunday after their bus driver refused to pay 125 $ for stadium parking. “I mean, I understand stadium parking is a scam, but the bus driver spent a whole hour driving around in circles and haggling with random parking attendants to try to get the best deal,” he said. Chiefs running back Isiah Pacheco said, adding that once the bus driver finally found an acceptable spot, it was a two-hour walk to Allegiant Stadium and players had to grab their gear and sprint across the field. side of the highway as quickly as possible. “I know that’s the principle of the thing, but still, by the time we got to the game, we were exhausted, sweaty and had no time to listen to the national anthem or eat. We kept asking the driver to drop us off at the front, but he said there were too many cops. Next time we’ll just take an Uber. As of press time, the Chiefs had been called off the field early so their driver wouldn’t have to sit in traffic trying to get the players back to their hotel.

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