Sunday, February 25, 2024

Chicago Teachers Union and Instituto del Progreso Latino reach a tentative agreement to end strike

Educators were back in class at schools run by the Instituto del Progreso Latino on Monday, after the nonprofit and members of the Chicago Teachers Union reached a tentative agreement to end the school’s strike. union.

Launched last week, the strike was motivated by teachers’ demands for better pay and increased enrollment, particularly in bilingual and special education programs, the union said.

On Sunday, the CTU posted on bilingual and will allow students to access additional supports, including a librarian, school nurse, counselors and social workers.

The strike, at the Instituto Health and Science Career Academy and the Instituto Justice Leadership Academy, is suspended while members “review the terms and prepare to vote on ratification” of the agreement reached with the Instituto, added the union.

In an emailed statement, Instituto said: “After extensive collaboration between both parties, we are confident that we have presented a fair and comprehensive offer to our educators. We believe this offering reflects our strong commitment to providing quality education while meeting the diverse needs and concerns of our educators.

Among the two Instituto schools, CTU represents a total of 48 employees, serving a total of 600 students, according to the union. About 120 students attended classes throughout the strike, according to the Instituto.

“With that behind [us], we are delighted to welcome our educators back,” said the Instituto. “We remain committed to fostering a collaborative and supportive environment for both our staff and students, ensuring that their educational experience remains our top priority. »

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