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BMW Says Buy A Manual M Car Now Before It’s Too Late

It’s no secret that manual transmission cars are a dying breed. The three-pedal, self-shifting gearbox is only available on a small handful of new vehicles, and while there has been some good news recently in terms of market share, it is not only a matter of time before the shifter disappears forever. . BMW’s M division is one of the few brands that still offers a manual option, but it warns that choice will soon disappear.

In an interview with an Italian-language magazine Four roadBMW board member Frank Weber has confirmed that M’s gearshift days are numbered.

“These are fun products, but let’s be honest, the volumes are getting smaller and smaller,” Weber said. Four road. “So it no longer makes sense to develop them. If you want a manual M, you have to buy it now.”

BMW said that in the past, customer preference had driven the company to continue offering manual transmissions, creating a strong niche as competitors turned their backs on purists. In America, M currently offers the M2, M3 and M4 with an optional six-speed manual gearbox. In countries like the UK, only the M2 is offered with an available lever due to the lack of demand for three pedals in larger cars, according to BMW.

“We have customers who drive between 25,000 and 30,000 kilometers (about 15,500 to 18,600 miles) per year and don’t want to sit in traffic to change gears,” Weber added.

Enthusiasts seem to be following Weber’s advice. BMW told us last month that more than 50 percent of new M2 buyers opted for the six-speed, while about 20 percent of M3 and M4 buyers opted for the manual. BMW saw enough demand in the market to launch a manual version of the Z4 in December, joining its Toyota-badged Supra sibling, which launched a stick variant in 2022.

While there are plenty of choices in the BMW lineup right now, we shouldn’t expect them to stick around for longer than one product cycle, if Weber’s statements are to be believed.

It’s not all bad news in the world of BMW. Weber said Four road The M3 Touring, offered only outside America, sold three times more than expected, leading the company to develop a new M5 Touring. And if BMW’s teasers are to be believed, we might even see the long-roof M5 in America.

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