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Beyoncé drops new songs ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’ and ’16 Carriages.’ New music ‘Act II’ will arrive in March.


“Texas Hold ‘Em” is an uptempo country and western stomp, while “16 Carriages” is a soulful slow-burn with ascending organs and steel guitar.

Beyoncé in 2016. AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, file

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Beyoncé is back with two new country songs — “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages.”

After a Verizon ad featuring Beyoncé that aired during the Super Bowl ended with the superstar saying “They’re ready, drop the new music,” the question became: Was she serious? Later, a cryptic Instagram video with country iconography appeared on her page, teasing “Act II” on March 29. (Beyoncé’s 2022 album “Renaissance” is frequently referred to as “Act I: Renaissance.”)

At the end of the clip, a spunky acoustic guitar riff plays and Bey’s unmistakable voice kicks in. She sings: “This ain’t Texas / Ain’t no hold’em / So lay your cards down, down the bottom,” in a southern accent.

It also appears on its official website. Under the “Music” tab, two tracks were listed: “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages,” which later appeared as full songs on Tidal, YouTube, and Spotify. The first is an uptempo country and western stomp. She sings in the earworm bridge: “And I’ll be damned if I can’t dance with you / Come pour me some booze, girl too / It’s a real boogie and a real whore’s life / Don’t don’t be a bitch. , come and carry it to the ground now.

The second, “16 Carriages,” is a soulful slow-burn with ascending organs and steel guitar, with Beyoncé singing an ode to hard work and legacy. “I miss my kids / Overworked and overwhelmed,” she sings in the pre-chorus. “I’m still working on my life, you know / Only God knows, only God knows.” A quick look at the credits shows that she may be working closely with Tony! Tony! Your! This is Raphaël Saadiq.

In a mostly fictional Verizon ad that aired moments before the announcement on Instagram, Beyoncé tried several tactics to try to break the Internet.

With former ‘Veep’ star Tony Hale as advisor, she opens a ‘Lemonade’ stand, releases a saxophone album called ‘Let’s Get Saxy’, makes her own version of the ‘Barbie’ movie called ‘BarBey’ and sells a cyborg version. of herself, runs for “Beyoncé of the United States” and takes off in a rocket to become the first woman in space.

After Hale tells her none of it worked, she says over the spaceship’s intercom, “OK, Bey’s ready: drop the new music.”

Beyoncé was also shown shortly after on the TV show at Allegiant Stadium watching the Super Bowl with her husband Jay-Z.

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