Thursday, February 29, 2024

Authorities Demolish House That Was Site Of Horrific Marriage

FALMOUTH, ME — Saying the residence evoked far too many painful memories to leave standing, Maine authorities confirmed Tuesday that they have demolished the house at 231 Pinelock Lane that was once the site of a gruesome wedding. “When this terrible wedding first hit this city, it was like a nightmare come true. We have enough horrible reasons to remember it without this structure staring us in the face every day,” the chief said from police Tim Reynolds about the two-story Cape. style house, left vacant for years, seemingly haunting residents with reminders of the near-daily arguments over finances and broken dreams that once emanated from its windows. “What happened here was deeply disturbing. We’re talking about former high school sweethearts who slowly became worn down into the shells of what they once were because of bitterness and spite. This happened in every room in this place. And I’m not even talking about the poor kid who lost his sense of innocence here. Really terrible stuff. It’s time to move on.” At press time, residents said that even after the demolition, they could still hear the sounds of “You fucking ruined my life” echoing faintly across the empty lot.

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